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Ice Hockey Stick and Puck

 About Me

I'm a thirty-something living in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I grew up in Ottawa, and became a hockey fan when the Ottawa Senators came to town in the early 1990s. Collecting hockey cards was my one of my favourite ways to connect with the game, outside of playing the game with friends and watching games on TV with my dad. 

One of my fondest childhood memories was Christmas 1991; I received an entire box of Pro Set 1991-92 cards. I thought I was the luckiest kid on earth (too bad I found out as an adult how valueless the cards are, but it is still an awesome memory).  The obsession carried on from there, buying packs from corner stores where possible, attending cards shows in the Nepean Sportsplex and trading with friends. 

As the years went by, I outgrew the hobby a bit; I started to rediscover the passion in the last few years as I began purchasing boxes of 90s era cards off eBay, and completing sets. The current pandemic and lack of ability to socialize or participate in other usual hobbies drew me back into card collecting full-time. After reading Ken Reid's Hockey Card Histories books, and watching his videos on YouTube, I decided I should start telling my own hockey card stories. I highly encourage you to check Ken Reid's books and videos.


And that brings us to today.  My first attempt will be telling the story of the cards and the players featured in the 1991-92 Upper Deck series. I hope you take a few moments to poke around the site, read a few blog posts and enjoy a trip back in time.

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